Tuesday, February 5, 2013

happy and i know it

i got out of the shower last night and vivian was standing in the bathroom staring at me. i could feel her curious 3 year-old eyes when i took my towel off, checking "things" out. her face wrinkled in a disapproving manner and she scowled as her gaze lowered and stopped
. . . there.

and i knew we were going to have THAT discussion.

"i don't like your front bottom."

i tried hard not to giggle when i responded with "why not?" 

she grimaced and said, "because yours is yucky. you have a yucky front bottom."

behind a full blown laugh, i replied, "ah, buggy. but its just like yours! some day, when you're big like me, you are going to have a front bottom that looks just like this." 

"no, i am not. i just want a REGULAR one." 

versus an "adult" front bottom? one with a hat on it?

all i could do was laugh. some times, its all you can do, is laugh.

after i put her to bed, i thought to myself of my impeding birthday today, and all i wanted was a "regular" one.

you see, you people have been sick.

i mean, super sick.

we've been living on a prayer and getting by with a little help from our friends! jack and eleanor were diagnosed with influenza on friday after two days of fever and ick and eleanor additionally has the rsv virus. vivian came crawling into my bed, crying and asking to cuddle late friday night, so i knew she, too, was coming down with it. i thank my lucky stars there was no puking or shitting; but the real deal flu is no joke. you all have felt terrible for a week. we've had fevers and dehydration, shivers and sweating, runny noses, congestion and a cough that resembles tuberculosis. it has been a very long week.

i anticipated a very low, key, snot-filled birthday; but much to my surprise it turned out alright.

i was awoken with a remote shoved in my face and bug saying, "dora. please. now. mom." ah, nothing like a little mexican wearing a talking back pack and her old pal, boots, the purple monkey, to mark another year of life. eleanor was some what of a banshee last night so i welcomed the opportunity to snuggle in bed a little longer, even if it was while boning up on my spanish. your dad brought home starbucks AND mcdonalds and its always good to begin the day eating like a queen! he also surprised me with this little bauble:

i had spied it a month ago, but it wasn't in the budget so i walked away, disappointed in my non-purchase. its a vintage, signed miriam haskell and daddy knows how i love her stuff! he can hardly keep a secret so imagine my surprise he has had it in his sock drawer for over a month! i adore it! thank God your dad caught on to that whole jewelry for birthdays way of thinking!

after a complete episode of dora, eleanor and i got in the shower to try to wash some of the sickness from her little head. in addition to all the viral stuff, she has a secondary ear infection that is causing her some grief. bless her heart, she has felt lousy the last week. i tried to lift her spirits with a little "if you're happy and you know it" song and dance in the shower. she loves to dance! we clapped and stomped and shouted amen! that made me smile, and her too, and it was the first time in a week, i thought things might be looking up.

i put on my favorite sweatpants, you will remember some day, the grey bearcat ones that are too long; and swore off doing dishes all day. that was liberating and worthy of celebration! i used technology at the dinner table, which is in strict violation of my dinning rules, but its my birthday, i am the mom and i get to make amendments to these rules as i see fit. besides, how else was i going to be able to monitor the 300 some birthday wishes rolling in over facebook and through email?

technology is a wonderful thing and its amazing how accessible the world has become. hearing from three hundred of your friends in one day, sending birthday wishes is nothing short of amazing! and heart warming! but i have to admit through all the electronic messaging and texting, there is something so sterile about not having phone calls. sure, my family all called, so did your aunt nancy from arizona; but it made me long for the day when your phone rang from 8 am to midnight with friends near and far. there really is nothing like hearing a persons voice! so i have added to my new year's resolution, and by that i mean, new thirty sixth year resolutions, to try really hard to call my friends on their birthdays.

(for the record, getting my conceal/carry permit and to print of more photos were also on my list and i have already checked both of those off! and its only february 5th- boom!)

i had more starbucks and gifts dropped off at more door today; seems none of my friends actually wanted to come in today and chance catching the flu! i have the funniest friends, who bring the funniest gifts and i laughed all day as each delivery was made.

your dad snuck out of work early and sent me to the nail salon and out for a little alone time. it all seemed to be going better than expected and then, your dad even called miss allison to watch you so we could sneak off for dinner! i haven't left the house for anything other than a drs apt since last tuesday, i almost felt normal for a bit tonight. or "regular" if you will! we had a fabulous meal, uninterrupted by wiping noses or hand washing. it was nice to reconnect with your sweet dad!

when we got home, the lovely miss allison had cleaned everything and everyone, and everyone was asleep. ah, i love that girl. she is the best!

i took a hot bath, used the last of my lush christmas bath bombs, drank a beer and here i am! rejoicing in a day that could have been terrible but turned out pretty freaking terrific. i am convinced, despite my hair being grayer than i'd like, my skin wrinklier than it should be and my cellulite more prevalent than i'd prefer; that this aging thing ain't all bad. i know some people look back on their twenties and single days as the "glory days" but its true, they'll pass you by. i've never had truer friends, nor been so in sync with a man as i am with your daddy.

if this is what 36 looks like, then i will take it.

i'm happy and i know.

clap, clap.
stomp, stomp.