Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the time of my life

it's befitting of my procrastinating nature to conclude my year of blogging on january 3rd. i kept trying to find a quiet moment to wrap things up the last few days, but the bigger you all become, the busier it is around our house. i can only imagine how things are going to be when that sweet mini van in the driveway becomes a shuttle bus to all of your extra curricular activities.

it's hard to find the words to sum up a year in the life. i know you are all thinking this is a perfectly appropriate time to use "seasons of love" from rent, and you would be right.

525,600 minutes. five hundred twenty five thousand moments so dear. how do you measure- measure a year? in daylights, in sunsets. in midnights, in cups of coffee. in inches, in miles. in laughter, in strife. . .

its also measured in pounds, in ounces, 6.13 of them to be exact. its measured in sad days, july 22nd and in happy days, july 26th, october 5th and october 28th. its measured in moments of freedom. moments of bliss. moments that scare the shit out of you. it's measured in hospital visits, parties, morning runs, dinner around the island. it's measured by how many days your dad is out of town and how many minutes until he returns. its measured in gallons; mine in the bath tub, your dad's in his fight with the swimming pool. its measured in mortgage payments, target trips, boxes of diapers, countless pairs of shoes, and endless laundry.

but, how about love?

yep. how about LOVE! there is a lot of that around here. your father and i strive to create a happy, fun and safe environment for you, but things, life, isn't always perfect. i hope some day when you read back over these pages, you will be able to see a constant in our lives. there is a lot of love in this house! an immeasurable amount. the three of you have made my heart grow in ways i never dreamed of. i am more patient. i am kinder. i am more sensitive. i am less selfish. i learn things new things about myself all of the time because of you and i am forever grateful. i have been blessed with more than i deserve, thank you God.

there is no real good segway to the next song pulling at my heart strings tonight so i will just go for it.

"now i've had, the time of my life
no, i never felt like this before
yes i swear, its the truth
and i owe it all to you."

it's from the movie dirty dancing, and while that song will always remind me of a certain sixth grade slumber party at neely lyons house, it has begun to have new meaning. i can honestly say, that i have had the time of my life, and i owe it all to the four of you. your dad is a really incredible guy and none of this wonderful life we call ours would be possible without him. i love you guys so much!

i hope this is the beginning of many books for the three of you. one of my friend's called this blog "wildly entertaining" and i hope that "wildly entertaining" is synonymous with "really nice nursing home!" please remember that i poured my heart out to you this past year in hopes that you put me away some place lovely. i managed, in between raising you all, to squeak out 63 posts this year. that number could have been better, but it also could have been worse. despite my growing hatred for Roxy the last month, i have nothing but gratitude for that little stuffed elf that motivated me to keep writing. for all the pomp and circumstance leading up to it, i have failed to post about christmas so here is a brief overview:

we spent christmas eve morning and lunch with the roth side of the family. we went to grandbob and ya ya's house for lunch and presents. it was like a controlled explosion! eleanor was uber cranky and napped most of the time and the two of you ran around like crazy people. you managed to weasel your uncle bill into opening things i told you not to open. you can tell he only has one child, he totally fell for the bum rush!

christmas eve night we hosted grandma's family and had dinner. it was a good time, and i almost got dinner all out at the same time! i still for the life of me don't know how my grandma nancy got it all done. my dad seems to think it has something to do with her being a bit "more prepared" than i was! i am working on it dave! 

poor jack! the only boy in a sea of girls! i can relate, i was the only girl in a gaggle of boy cousins my whole life too!

christmas day is our most cherished day around here. its super laid back, we barely get out of our pajamas, if we do at all. grandma and grandpa are always here and uncle tim and dex came over for a late breakfast. its fun to stay home, without any place to go or agenda. we spent the day opening gifts, playing and napping. it was perfect! that night we had our traditional nachos navidad from taco johns and played cards after you all went to bed. its the one time a year my father participates in our gaming and i will be damned if he didn't win again. this creates all sorts of nasty looks from my mother and is really hilarious. 

my photo taking this year was non-existent. these pictures are all taken with my phone, i apologize! your dad chose very well this christmas, i was so pleasantly surprised! and uncle tim pulled the trump card again. it never fails, birthday or christmas, whatever he buys you ends up being your favorite. i think next year i will just give him my debit card and let him shop on my behalf.  

i thought it would be a nice conclusion to take your pictures just shy of the stroke of midnight on december 31, 2011. i snuck into all of your rooms and flashed a snap shot. i wanted to always remember how you looked as the world turned. blissful, sweet and calm. you were all sleeping like, well, babies! without a care in the world. i hope you always sleep so peacefully.

here's to a fantastic 2012, carrier monkeys! all of my love!

p.s. eleanor's first two teeth broke through the skin today! the nursing will probably come to a screeching hault!

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