Monday, July 30, 2012

easy e turns one!

sugar and spice and everything nice!

i remember growing up watching some of my friend's mothers become overly emotional at our events and thinking to myself "what in the hell are they crying about?" i have the kind of mother that rarely shows those type of emotions; she is more the cheerleader/clown type of mom. in fact, there are probably only a handful of times i have ever even seen my mother cry.

i, however, am not that type of a mom.

sweet little eleanor (rigby) christine turned one year old last week and i found myself choking back tears the day before, the day of and the day after her birthday. i've found motherhood to be a most bittersweet ride; my heart lies torn between joy of the foreword movement and a bit heartbroken for the things we leave behind. i am so happy that she is a year old, she is happy, she is perfect and healthy. but a big part of me can't believe this little baby is turning into a toddler! every day she becomes more independent, more sure of herself, slimmer and looks less and less like a smooshy infant. and i find myself crying at nearly every change!

there are a few things i can tell you about the biggest and best surprise of my entire life:

one year old eleanor is 26 1/4 inches tall and weighs 18 pounds. she giggles all of the time, which reveals a toothy grin, including a perfect gap between her two front teeth. she has two darling dimples she got from grandma. she curious and dramatic. she is easy and content. she makes the funniest faces! not unlike her siblings at this age, she is infatuated with the dog. she spends most of her day following jack or neko around. she likes to pull hair and throw things from her highchair. she says two words- "uh oh" and "hi." she can wave and tell you no by shaking her hand at you. also like her siblings, she is far too independent to cuddle, is constantly moving and loves to explore. she is the perfect hybrid between jack and vivian and i see so much of both of them in our bonus baby.

she is the apple of my eye and has brought our family immeasurable joy!

i love you so much that i want to squeeze you constantly and i think my heart my burst with happiness some times when i think about what a blessing you are!

happy first birthday sweet, sweet baby eleanor!

in honor of your birthday we had a backyard birthday bash, complete with family and a few friends. we did a circus party complete with clown suits and a popcorn machine! you loved your birthday "smash" cake and sucked the icing off your fingers. it was a fantastic night and a perfect way to celebrate you! the lovely miss allison spent an entire week crafting pom poms for your party. we had all circus foods, hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy and of course, pop corn! everyone swam, rode the cars and played on the swingset. you were all filthy and exhausted by the end of the night!

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