Saturday, March 9, 2013

its all about the pajamas, baby

its remarkable that every time i go to log in to blog, i have to reset my password. *sigh*

i was thinking today about blogging, not unlike i do every day, and i said to some girlfriends, "i feel like a bit of a tortured writer. i need to feel inspired to blog."

i said that. and its really not true.

in fact, i find myself inspired nearly every day to write something but i have a case of the lazies and most nights, i would really just rather take a bath and read mindless magazines than log on, remember my password, think of synonyms for words i can't spell and feel a little guilty about my run-on sentences.

but today, in that same girlfriend conversation i became more realistic about my personal expectations and gave myself a free pass to be a little self indulgent with the nightly bath tub ritual. as a stay-at-home mother, i spend my day as an indentured servant. i cook, clean, wipe noses, wipe asses, wipe the counters, answer questions, pretend to care about skylanders, pretend to know what you are drawling, pretend i don't know "where's the baby?" and i dumb it down. all day long. i spend more time on facebook than i should but some times its my only conversation with an adult and i don't give a shit if its a cyber shout out! its a lonely world some days.

and some days, its really fun, really beautiful and awe inspiring.

we have had several snow days the last few weeks and i have begun to actually look forward to them. we've spent our days being sorta productive, although we never change out of pajamas. we've made snowflakes and the most amazing indoor forts! baked cookies and huge pots of soup! organized and trashed the play room! heck, a couple of days i even vacuumed!

i've tried really hard to suck in every chilly, mind numbing moment of these days because i know soon enough i won't be included in your snow day adventures. that's such a bittersweet feeling as a mom, to think about banking moments because you're going to do exactly what i hope for you! that some day, you will grow up, utilize all of the things i have taught you and be independent!

in other thoughts and things, your dad has been traveling quite a bit lately and recently went on a wild boar hunt with his fraternity brothers. it turned out to be boar-ing, due to all of the snow and your dad drove 7 hours to sit in the cold and not shoot anything. (again!) i suppose the beer drinking and reminiscing made up for the missing bacon. i'm not 100% certain but i think your dad might be getting old. he is, after all, exactly three weeks older than me. recently he's been talking about his "thinning" hair and how expensive everything is; but the real kiss of death has been talking about gas prices and the weather. he said i don't care about those things because i am not the guy who makes the money - which also eludes to his aging. meanwhile, i am over here getting chemical peels and facials, coloring my grey hair every three weeks and wondering if i am young enough to wear neon pink every day. i am fighting and i don't think i am going to be one of those people who ages gracefully. i am 36 with a freaking baby for Christ's sake! i don't want people to think i am your grandma when you're in high school!

i've got nothing else inspiring or really worthy of being reported. just a couple of fun photos from the last few weeks. maybe i will write again soon, maybe i will take a bath, maybe i won't. always know, you do inspire me every day, in every way and that makes getting out of bed on those snowy days worth it. (even if i don't change out of my pajamas!)

p.s. i wanted to add that you will note, in most of these pictures you are wearing your pj's. here is the deal on that, its less laundry for me and the way i see it, you have an entire life time of getting up, getting dressed and ready ahead of you, so why the hell shouldn't you be super casual while you can? this is a concept my father can't wrap his brain around but makes perfect sense to me! :)

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