Tuesday, October 16, 2012

tim ramsey public service announcement :)

this is not the blog you all were waiting for (sorry!) but that will come soon, i promise!

i just wanted to post a little public service announcement regarding tim! there is a good possibility he is going to be able to come home from the hospital this evening and we are all so happy about it! he is exhausted and ready to sleep in his own bed. night after night of people poking and picking on you doesnt lend itself to very much rest.

many people have been asking me what and where they could send something, so i thought i would cover all basis through one post. apparently, flowers and plants are sprayed with a preservative that can cause complications and even rejection! so, unless you would like for me to enjoy a lovely arrangement, that route is not a good option. he is also being sent home with some dietary restrictions- bummer~! what you could send him though, is a whole bunch of love in the way of a card! there is nothing better than snail mail and seeing a person's handwriting! i have also been suggesting CVS gift cards or hy-vee gift cards so he could have groceries delivered to his home. he is going to be on lock down for some time due to immunosupresants and that is one less thing for him to have to worry about!

words cannot express the gratitude and love my family has felt the last five days. there is no question that this all coming together was truly a miracle and it was only reinforced by all of your prayers. he has a pretty rough 6 months ahead of him, but i have no doubt, with your continued support and his motivation he is going to do just fantastic!

from the very bottom of my swelling heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!

if you'd like to mail tim something you can send it here:

tim ramsey
403 s 31st street
saint joseph, mo 64506

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