Thursday, March 17, 2011

lucky enough

its st patrick's day and it couldn't have come a moment sooner! for this is the day, our luck has really turned around! everyone was up and at 'em today and feeling quite well. the sun was shining and it was a whopping 76 degrees. beautiful! we had to do the mundane task of going to the grocery store, since the two of you go through about $40 a week in produce, the bulk of it rotted during our hell week and had to be replaced. we were down to bare bones. 

however boring this task is, it felt so good to do something "normal!" to get up and shower, put on clothes- real clothes, and go out amongst the living. we all wore green, though i had to borrow a hair clip from vivian. seems the only green in my wardrobe is bearcat green and the majority of it is better suited for football weather. after grocery shopping we finished up lunch with green popsicles! daddy managed to find the perfect toddler sized popsicles last week, solidifying my idea that HE should do all the grocery shopping. he shops by the "i'd rather be looking at it, than looking for it" mentality and we always end up with many multiples of an item i request. he covers all his basis, i will give him that. we spent the better part of the next hour walking through the yard, checking out all the signs of life. there are daffodils, tulips, day lilies and herbs quietly waking throughout the yard. it was so refreshing and also concerning- we have so much work in front of us this spring. our huge yard has a life of its own and tends to get away from us. 

i just looked at the above picture and giggled to myself. jack is ready for warmer weather, all of his pants look like he is ready for a flood! then there is little 17 month old vivian, still wearing her size 12 month jeans. i picked her up this morning after remarking how "big" she is getting. i squeezed on you more than you like and thought to myself you seem so big, and yet, you will never again be as small as you are today. such a bittersweet thought. every day your words become clearer, more distinct and grow in numbers. you are running and jumping now! like a real big girl- i can hardly believe it. the nicest thing about the two of you being so sick last week was that you both let me hold you and rock you. the majority of the time you are moving too fast to sit still and neither of you have ever been big snugglers. (i secretly hope that the surprise guest is a momma's baby!) 

we ended our evening with stir fry, full of green broccoli, sugar snap peas and peppers. jack loved it for the first time in three years and i couldn't be happier! you even asked for it as a bed time snack? so weird? we also made a quick trip to baskin-robbins for a trio of green themed ice cream. jack and i had a good time eating it, but i don't think we enjoyed it quite as much vivi did! she had it all over! 

irish eyes were smilin' today and it was indeed, a good day. it seems only fitting this march 17th that i leave you with an irish blessing:

may you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, 
laughter to cheer, those you love near you, 
and all your heart might desire. 

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  1. Happy Irish day....and so glad it was much healthier and happier than the past few days. Precious photos, too.