Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh mercy!

i have little energy left for blogging tonight, its been one hell of a week. jack continued to melt on me during the latter part of last week, to the point i knew we needed some help. luckily for us, the good dr kinder called from her emergency room in st louis and talked me off the ledge and into driving him to children's mercy in kansas city. we got there about 11 and didn't make it home until the next morning. what a long night! but he was a real trooper, only cried when the big, huge orderly held him down to put the iv in. once his "straw" was in, he was golden and so proud of it! we watched the movie, cars,  until the wee hours of morning and he didn't fall asleep until a quarter til 5.

we got home as the sun was coming up and i almost felt optimistic. a liter of fluids and sugar water, i was hopeful for the turn around. you woke up starving and thirsty; but quickly resumed the puking and diarrhea. blah. once again, you spent the entire day in bed. this was day four of you not leaving my bed, which is the opposite of your normal disposition. grandma and grandpa rushed over friday afternoon so they could see you. i think it was a deja vu moment for them, so many times they hovered over a little dark headed, fair complected, sick boy. 

saturday morning, we awoke to vivian crying downstairs. she was sitting in her high chair puking all over herself. try as we might, we were unable to avoid little sister getting this nasty bug too. she has been maintaining better than jack did; she is drinking fluids and munching on a cracker here and there. 

daddy and i are tired and now we both have a little touch of this bug. poor randy has had to be responsible for the cleaning of the v & d; its all i can do to be on the same level of the house when this stuff is going on. being pregnant with two super sick kids is just plain not right! what torture! thankfully, daddy doesn't mind and has brought home all of the hospital grade disinfectants from hillyard. 

tomorrow has got to be better. 

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