Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mama said. . .

its been much too long since my last blog, but life has been "rough" to say the very least the last few weeks. i almost don't know where to begin to catch you up to speed on our life as of late. i kept thinking in the bath tub i needed to make a new post but where to start? the only thing that kept running through my head was this song "mama said there'd be days like this" by the shirelles. it basically repeats that lyric throughout and talks about having tough days, times that don't go your way. as it played through my head, i thought, i will be damned if my mama ever said anything about this kind of day. . .

*the day when, on top of all the other pregnancy b.s. you some how manage to fracture your wrist and it hurts so badly that you are willing to call your doctor at his home, on a sunday morning, crying so hard he has to look at caller i.d. to find out who in the hell he is talking to.
*the day when you can't wait to take your children to school so you can go to the doctor's office and get hooked up to an iv for fluids and a shot that will make the nausea subside, if only temporarily.
*the day that you get that shot and become a ravenous pig, catching up on not eating for three days. this would be the day i inhaled half a box of raspberry zingers and ate dinner twice.
*the day that you are just sure your entire family is going to fall apart if your own mama doesn't come and save you all. so you call her, again, bawling to the point of hysteria begging her to come to your rescue.
*the day that you think its all getting better and the baby's cough just isn't quite sounding right, so you take her to the doctor only to discover she has bronchitis.
*the day that your parents leave to go on a sunny vacation and you are happy for them, for they, too, endured days like "this" but you are also secretly angry with them for leaving you.
*the day that is monday, and come monday, it will be alright, only to watch your 3 year old melt as the day progresses and you know what is in store for you. the flushed cheeks, bad attitude, lack of appetite. then he asks you to leave an event with his friends so he can go home and go to bed. not good.
*the day that turns into the night that you know is going to be long and brutal. the high fever followed by the gagging noise. then the non-stop vomiting. followed by the non-stop diarrhea. the constant pajama changes. the constant toilet and bathroom cleaning. the sleepless night.
*the day that follows the never ending night, which wakes you with the sounds of the OTHER child. the one that isn't sick, doesn't care that you got little, if any sleep the night before. this day is full of laundry, rocking, vomit, explosive stools and headaches.
*the day that is all about a nasty little stomach virus that sets our world a' spinning. already feeling nauseous mixed with the odors that come from a stomach bug don't bide well for a cohesive relationship. i never anticipated the poop all over the wall, or that i would react to it in such a violet way that we would have to close the door and go to another bathroom, leaving the mess for daddy to clean up.
*and finally the day you think its all going to be better only to go to the doctor and discover on top of the stomach virus, we are in the beginning of pneumonia.

kids, i love you both dearly and i think i am one of those fortunate moms that has the ability to appreciate even the most mundane of moments with you; but these last few weeks have sucked. no one told me there would be days like THIS! i am fully aware that i am not the first mother to endure these moments but holding on to that knowledge is simply not enough catalyst to make me see the sunny side in all of this. i keep searching for quotes that might be inspiring- that which does not kill us makes us stronger- is doing nothing for me now.

the highlights of this debacle have included yet another amazing showing by your father, who has helped me out in our hours of need! thank God i married a glorified janitor and we have access to free germicides and hospital grade disinfectants. he has really risen to the occasion. and i suppose its been nice to be able to snuggle and rock with not-so-baby jack these past few days, although he smells really awful and i wish we could cuddle under different circumstances. however, that about wraps it up. we have missed functions, work and school. everyone has cried. no one is sleeping.

this too, shall pass, they say and it can't pass quick enough.

no, my mama never said anything about days like these.

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