Wednesday, October 26, 2011

note to self

its 11:51 pm and i thought it was best to write myself a note.

next year, start children's halloween costumes the first of september. or better yet, the first of august.

i've spent most of my post-children's bedtime evening, contemplating how to form the perfect "jack" hat and deciding which side of your tiny body the bean stalk should grow up. we are waiting patiently for red riding hood to arrive from heather tomorrow, not a moment too soon. procrastination is not my friend and  neither is your grandmother when it comes to such things. we assembled 64 birthday and halloween treat bags for your friends today, all the while i had to listen to how she would have had this done a month ago.


today i am failing, but tomorrow will be better.

p.s. other notes to self, remember to put the sticky side of a nursing pad against your shirt, NOT your nipple. ouch.

while you were sleeping, mommy was costuming!

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