Tuesday, November 1, 2011

tales from the crypt

the older i've become the more i have learned about my family. some of their habits or behavior are quite curious; and some down right puzzling. for instance, many years ago, when my grandmother nancy was still living on her own, i asked her for some old pictures of her growing up. she took me to the front bedroom of her little house and there sat a dresser. i opened the top drawer and it was overflowing with still images of her past. the most interesting of those photos were the ones of her and her sisters when they were teens and in their early twenties.

in these photos, they would be decked out to the nines, wearing fur coats, fabulous shoes and not a hair out of place. the strangest thing about the bulk of these photos i found, was that they were all taken in the filmore cemetery.


they were all smiles, resting gently on top of some ones tombstone. they looked happy, very happy! oddly enough, as grandma and i were going through these photos, i never thought to ask her why there were a dozen or more taken in that cemetery. perhaps if one of my aunts reads this blog posting, they will be able to provide some answers!

nonetheless, in honor of my grandma and the spooktacular back drop for halloween, i took thing one and thing two to the gloriously beautiful mount mora cemetery in full costume for a photo shoot. it was a beautiful day and we actually had a really good time, noting the elaborate stones and attention to detail from the past. i think perhaps, we will continue on this barker girl tradition and do it every year for halloween!

miss you grandma! send me some answers!

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