Tuesday, November 29, 2011

rockin' roxy roth

we started putting up christmas decorations this weekend and its a slow process. i wish i had the enthusiasm for christmas decorating that your ya ya does, but i just don't. i get about half way through and its like a glitter and evergreen bomb has exploded in the house and i don't know what to! and to top it off, that pre-lit tree we bought a few years ago only lights up in the top and bottom sections. ugh. i don't mean to sound ba-hum-bug but i wish, like santa, it was as simply as laying a finger aside my nose and it would all be done. i am going to muscle through it, for you, because that's what mom's do! my mom was the best at celebrating everything! she loved the decorating part!

one thing i am enjoying is our elf on the shelf! this is the first year you have gotten into it and we read the book last night. you were asked to name your elf and you came up with Roxy. Roxy Roth. but Roxy is NOT a girl, no, no.

Roxy is a boy elf.

i am pretty sure that we just invented a drag queen elf and like visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, i lay in bed last night and dreamed of all the wonderful things we could do with ol' Roxy. the make up! the costume changes! the lip syncing! the strobe lights! now where did i leave my bedazzler?

Roxy started on the living room sconce last night and upon his return from the north pole this morning we found him on the pot filler! (good thing i remembered to move him!) i think its a nice use for the very expensive, pot filler that i HAD to have and seldom utilize. *sigh* (insert no comments, rothy!)

i thought it would be fun to chronicle the Rockin' adventures of Roxy Roth this month, so i will do my best to keep you abreast of his travels. he's a cheeky old broad, so who knows where this queen will end up or just what he'll be wearing! 

jack was happy to find the toy nativity scene that grandma bought him last year. we talked about all the guys (wisemen) and assorted characters and how they fit into the big picture. he was happy to note that baby Jesus was in fact, wearing the exact same thing that baby eleanor sleeps in at night! amazing how long swaddling has been in fashion! i do believe he is paying attention at preschool and chapel, as he was quite familiar with the whole story. :) 

in other happy news, daddy finally found the box in the attic that contained all the baby headbands and bows! oh happy day! and poor baby eleanor! she doesn't know what she's in for. i love the saying "the bigger the bow, the better the momma!" your aunt jackie got me a darling shirt that said that and the back says "go big or go home!" i love it!

i found this bow, one of my all time favorites, that miss burgandy bought for vivian when she was born. the best part of this bow, is its sheer mass! the first time uncle tim saw vivian in it he said "she looks like she has a damn shower puff attached to her head!" indeed, she does, and isn't it freaking cute?

"my name is Loofa, i live on the second floor. . ."

(i can't take credit for that bit of hilariousness, that one came from the legendary scott rupe-a-loop!)

lately we have been engaging in our monthly school of rock, and this month we have been studying the musical stylings of queen. jack thought freddy mercury kicked a lot of ass because of his mustache, and i couldn't agree more. plus, it kinda takes away from that hideous british grill of his. anyways, jack fancy's "we will rock you" and vivian prefers "another one bites the dust." both excellent choices, but mine will always be "somebody to love!" we've really been rocking out this week but after today, we are going to take the christmas music plunge. the funny scary thing about bug's choice in songs, is that, i am pretty certain its going to be her battle cry/anthem. she seems to revel in the "and another one gone and another one gone, hey, i'm gonna get you too, another one bites the dust." oooooh man, she frightens me.

you kids are crazy! 

i'm off to bed, still fighting this damn black lung you have given me. i have all but lost my voice today, which i think your dad secretly likes. first i am going to have to move Roxy and makes sure he stays outta my louboutins! 

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