Wednesday, November 30, 2011

roxy part deux

at 7:37 a.m. this morning, i heard the clanging of your dad's spoon in his cereal bowl.

at 7:38 a.m. this morning i heard the sounding of alarms inside my head as i realized i had NOT moved Roxy last night.

how is it even possible that less than 24 hours after this excursion began, i was already forgetting and failing? seriously. i blame it on this death bug situation i have had going on. in order to remedy the situation and get my head back full of christmas cheer, i finally made a drs apt this morning. i'm working with a little sinus and respiratory infection, it seems. they were kind enough to give me a steroid shot and an antibiotic and i am just certain i am on my way back to wellness. in fact, i felt so fantastic this evening i loaded all three of you up, by myself and took you to see christmas light with uncle tim.

this new found spring in my step and clearer headedness could not have come a moment too soon because in that flurry this morning, i had to frantically text message your father to have him move Roxy. the really beautiful thing about your dad is that he is kind enough to oblige most of my requests and today was no different. however, the thing about your mother, is that she thinks he doesn't do it quite like he should have. it's a character flaw in me and most women, but i am smart enough to be appreciative of his effort and he is nice enough to continue to do things for me despite this flaw.

and so this morning when we came down to the kitchen, this is where Roxy was:

hanging from a chandelier in the kitchen. yep. that's right. with all due respect for any of our readers out there, this is about the most predictable place for the elf to end up. not even 10 feet from his original resting place. *sigh* i know right now, your dad is reading it, saying to himself "where the hell did you want me to put it?" followed by, "then do it yourself!" both statements are equally true, but i thought this might be a nice opportunity for ol' daddy and i to square off. i propose we each take turns placing the elf in an effort to come up with the most creative and eventful journey for miss thang'-- i mean, Mr. Roxy.

so what do you say, rothy? its my turn tonight, of course. this gives you the chance to do some thinking and plotting. circling your prey like you do for days upon end when searching for the perfect vehicle.

don't get me wrong, honey, he looked pretty happy up there, but i think you can do better. 


this is your challenge if you choose to accept it, if not, be riddled in shame during our reindeer elf games!

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