Thursday, February 24, 2011

its still february

yesterday it was nearly 70 degrees, the two of you were outside playing with daddy minus coats. today the temperatures keep dropping and flurries keep falling. we have been sitting in the playroom most of the day, its like being in your own version of a snow globe. its beautiful. all of the snow had finally melted last week and now its quickly building back up. they are expecting up to an inch an hour for the next 4-5 hours. (just in time for me to go to work!) daddy was going to take the two of you two kirksville tomorrow to help grandpa with some floor stuff at his new office and i was going to lag behind for a doctors appointment. i believe the trip has been postponed and i am not sure who will be more disappointed, you or your grandparents. old man winter has remarkable consistency in changing plans last minute.

i have grown ridiculously tired of the cold, the snow, the dead and sad landscape. over the course of the last four years, this time of year has been connected with either being miserable with morning sickness or sleep deprived from having a newborn. i suspect next winter will be no different. daddy better plan a vacation for me to some place warm- i am not sure how many more winters like this i can take. in fact, i told randy just the other day, that despite my love of all of our friends here, i have decided that i no longer need to live in a climate that has four seasons. i might even be able to live with just two. or even one- just warm. warm and sunny. ah, just thinking about it makes me happy. happy like a lizard lying on a big flat, hot rock. randy told me, as great as that sounded, i might be a little premature in my "retirement goals" and that unless hillyard sold or we won the lottery, saint joseph would be our home indefinitely. boo.

if only i hadn't been on the other side, hadn't lived in texas or hawaii where i know how good the warmth can feel on your skin. how even grocery shopping is easier in the heat. you don't mind parking at the very end of the parking lot, when its 75 and breezy all year long. you can play outside all year long! vitamin d is natural, abundant and free! oh what i wouldn't do to still be living on that little rock in the middle of the ocean right now.

but the reality is that, 3028 is our home sweet home, so i am trying to endure, trying to make the very best of it. these days are good for staying in your pajammas way too long, not brushing your hair, playing silly games, catching up on laundry, making chicken noodle soup, drinking hot chocolate, destroying the house (you two have NO problems with this!) and dreaming about your next vacation that includes a beach and tropical drink with an umbrella in it. oh, and napping. a long winter's nap is crucial on these days. in fact, i do believe it is that time right now, so off we go.

i will be dreaming of sand and surf.

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