Wednesday, May 16, 2012

for sale by mother

i'm on the verge of selling vivian with this house, so i thought it best i sit down with a huge glass of wine and end the day on a positive note. we had two playdates today and i spent the afternoon getting the house ready to show this evening. its an overwhelming task, like shoveling while its still snowing. we are going on 60 days of our house being on the market and it hasn't gotten any easier to make this place sparkle with all three of you in tow. i feel guilty for the constant barking "don't touch that" "no toys out" "no books" "sit on the bed" "don't even look like your thinking about touching something!" its daunting and hard on ALL of us.

before i started all the cleaning, i read the prayer to st joseph and i am hoping he throws some miracles my way. there is another st joseph buried in the front yard some place- i stuck him under the for sale sign two years ago when the house was on the market, your dad took the sign out to mow and we have no idea where he is. tonight, i prayed to the spare st joseph also. come on! big money! no whammies!

my patience has worn thin this evening and no one was listening. its so frustrating! i hate being the barking mom. it makes me feel horrible. it makes you feel horrible. and it sucks.

i am going to wrap up the ugly end to this evening with some cute pictures of your little faces. tomorrow will be better.

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