Wednesday, May 23, 2012

for those about to rock

i have an endless amount of love for the three of you and the day i became a mother, my entire world shifted. it was as if all of the stars aligned, the world became more clear, and my purpose in this life, obvious. you make me all hearts, flowers, sunshine, rainbows, warm and fuzzy. but nothing, nothing, makes me feel more alive than live music.

i spent the better part of today with a van halen hangover after attending their show last night. i get up and nothing gets me down, except rocking all night and not sleeping all day. all of the songs and diamond dave have been dancing in my head. it was the first, and probably last, time i have seen them play. i went with the usual suspects, my rock and roll partners in crime; tracy, angela and tiffany. we've had the concert routine down forever, complete with where we are going to stop, what we are going to drink and the ceremonial bag of funyuns from the platte city quick trip on the way home. we are creatures of habit that way, and we like it. i've spent decades "touring" with this crew and have countless stories, from countless concerts; most of which, i can't share with you until you are much, much older and my parents aren't reading this blog.

as i was sitting through eddie van halen's 9 minute guitar solo, i started thinking about how amazing it is to see a big show. its almost as if, the entire auditorium becomes one big, living breathing unit of awesomeness. its one of those few venues in life where everyone is on the same team, rallying around the same thing and just looking for fun. "don't need nothing, but a good time, and it don't get better than this," says bret michaels and damn, is he right. (for the record, i have lost track of how many times i have seen poison live, but i've been doing that concert since he had all of his own original hair!)

check out this 80's relic from last night! he was clearly more van hagar! 
pretty sure he went home and watched fast times at ridgemont high after the show!

nine minutes is a long time for a guitar solo and i had enough miller lites last night to become contemplative and in the moment. i love the rush of those first few notes of a song you know, a song you love. and when the crowd sings so loud and in unison, it sounds like one voice. i love how you feel every beat of the drum kit, every riff of a guitar and how the base resonates through your body. but no one is as magical as the front man. jon bon jovi's teeth are so white and glistening, i want to lick them. david lee roth marched and twirled around last night like a drum major leading the charge. vince neil always makes me laugh. and steven tyler? are you kidding me? i saw him rocking spandex cut-out pants just three years ago and he is 64! ah, the middle aged rocker, riding it out for one more retirement check.

clearly, i love to rock and my heart really belongs to the hair bands, but i've been all over the board with this concert gig. i've seen the piano man and tiny dancer duel it out on baby grands. i've doned a parrot head and wasted away in margaritaville. been a part of janet's rhythm nation. had a contact high at a counting crows concert. heard the lightning crash at a live show. been thunderstruck at ac/dc. felt the groovy, stinky breeze at widespread panic. i even bought into the crunchy, granola, lesbian thing at the lilith fair. i've seen garth brooks hang from scaffolding, the dixie chicks stomp their way into being obsolete and pure country from george strait. i've watched def leppards one arm drummer do a solo, angus young spin on the floor in his school boy uniform and now, eddie pop his collar displaying his rock god status. i've been a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker. i've seen fire and i've seen rain, i've seen sunny days that i thought would never end and the headache that comes from enjoying it all too much the night before.

and i always can't wait for the next one.

the stones are the only big players left on my bucket list, though i'd like to journey down memory lane with u2 one more time. talk about the soundtrack to a life, i can trace a slug of memories back to bono and the edge. my "if only's" would be (obvious) the beatles, led zepplin and damn you, axl rose and your craziness! because that one could still happen if he hadn't danced with mr brownstone too long. oh and queen! i would give me left arm to have seen freddie mercury promenade on stage! (okay, maybe more like a finger, or a part of a finger, but definitely lots of money!)

in those eddie shredding moments last night, i thought about how much i hope some day you will be to have these experiences too. i want you to hear a song and be transported back to a moment, a feeling and there is no greater way to do that then live. and then, i thought about how expensive this little hobby will be if you do it on my dime! hopefully you will work to support your concert habit, like mommy does. when i put on make up and get dressed in something other than mommy clothes,  jack will instantly say, "are you going to work? dinner? a party? a concert?" i hope you go to many concerts!

you only live once, kids, so you better make it rock.

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