Sunday, May 13, 2012

happys mothers birthdays

 i call this one "i'm sixty and i know it"

"sixty is the new crazy"

today is may 13th which is always your grandma's birthday, but today it happens to be mother's day, also. i have been contemplating this blog all day trying to come up with something clever and cute; after all she is my only mother and this is a big special day for her. usually when i spend too much time thinking about these things, i end up flat, not funny and regretfully boring.

in need of some desperate help on my material, i did a quick internet search. i simply typed in the word "mother" and these are the definitions i found.

  "a person who might have raised you, normally a woman"
  "over-protective, bossy female type"
  "woman who constantly bitches at you for random shit you probably didn't do, to achieve her miserable self-fulfillment"

and my personal favorite:
  "term of profanity used by most civilizations in the world"

clearly none of these definitions were about my mother! *wink*

it's difficult to define my mother, although if i had to, it would be something more like this:

  "a small statured creature, who is both strong and gentle, firm and soft, difficult and easy. she's sometimes quiet, never reserved. she's always busy, doing nothing and everything. she's the biggest supporter, the worst critic, the most honest and least dramatic. more than anything she is always a champion of fun, patron of humor and ambassador to smiles. she's heart-ful, kidney-less. the hostess with the mostest. the cruise director. the grand dame of it all. and boy, can she raise some amazing children"

i could go on and on with a list of her attributes, but as the old saying goes, "to know her, is to love her." she's loved by the so, so many, but none as much me.

i had the most amazingly fun childhood all because of this woman. when i look back over those years, i remember all the pumpkin pies with faces, the colored deviled eggs at easter, the water gun fights, the late night pastas, the every day costumes. but the most vivid memories i have are those of her smiling, of her laughing. my mother gave of herself and i am so appreciative of all the little, every day moments.

in the words of vivian today, "happys mothers, birthdays, grandma!" I love you, momma!

 "two out of three ain't bad"

she will most definatly kill me for including these pictures but for the last week, every time i look at them i crack up. i mean, out loud, crazy person, laughing out loud cracking up. i just don't do that. ever. so i know by the time these books are in your hands, you, too, will be cracking up. go ahead, try and make your own captions, because its really, really fun. to her credit, your'e pretty blessed to have a grandma who really plays with you and is still willing to go down a hot, dirty slide! (sorry old lady grandma!)

 this one, i call "weekend at friday's"

and this one is the "sliding casket" 
she just needs on her sunday best and a strand of pearls! 
the kiss casket has nothing on this playground original. meierhoffers can thank me later- it's soon to be all the rage!


  1. I am laughing out loud. Not LOL.....but REALLY LAUGHING OUT LOUD! :) Love you, Friday!

  2. Oh, too funny! What a wonderful mother and FUN grandmother your children have!