Wednesday, May 2, 2012

that bloggy blog thing

oh, the blog.

the blog.

the blog.

i seriously think about it every day. it calls my name. it beckons me. it taunts me. and yet, its been so freaking long since i have posted that i literally had to reset my password because i had forgotten it.

i was staring at a mountain of laundry this morning, some where around 8 or 9 loads. this has accumulated  just since sunday, today is wednesday! the bibs, the towels, the school clothes, the play clothes, the pissed in underpants, the vomit stained onesies, the gym clothes, the work clothes and the pile of unclaimed socks. i hate them, but today they served as a nice reminder of how letting something go, just one day, can create a mountain of work later. i've let the ol' bloggy-blog go a little too long and now i am inundated with loads of pictures and missed opportunities to log the beautiful daily stuff.

so i thought, just as a jumping off point, that i would post a couple of happy pictures from this week. they say actions speak louder than words, and this is true; but i also think a picture speaks a thousand words. and something is always better than nothing, so here you go, kids.

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