Saturday, January 29, 2011

every party has a pooper

ever heard that little song?

"every party has a pooper, that's why we invited you
party pooper, party pooper!"

yea, well, i was the party pooper last night. boo.

after spending an entire year working on the heartland foundation's cattle barons ball, i had to leave the party early. i mean, really, really early. i have a had a bazillion meetings over the last year and painstakingly planned and plotted for this party. i had all of the items in my head i was going to bid on for the silent auction and i was so excited to see how much the party that aunt julie and i donated went for! but things did not go as planned.

i would like kristi kinder to note, that while i tried very hard to move locations, there is, still, in fact, a high chair in this picture. 
damn it.

i had my cowboy boots from penny park on, complete with my empire waist dress. i even went for some grand ol' opry kinda hair. i was excited to see my friends and watch the fruits of our labor unfold. but something just wasn't quite right. i had a pounding headache all day and was really nauseated. i just couldn't shake it. as i was sitting there at 8 pm waiting for dinner to arrive, i started to feel like i was on a deep sea fishing boat crashing harder and harder into some sea sick hell.

and then. . .

the nasty cigarette and cigar smoke came wafting into our dining area and i thought at that very moment i was probably going to puke right there at the table in front of everyone. it was a moment of shear panic and complete terror. i jumped up, motioned for randy and bee lined for the front door. i said goodbye to no one, barely even your father as he passed me off to the vehicle. yuck.

imagine grandma's surprise when i came bolting in the backdoor a mere hour and a half after i left! i picked at grandmas scrambled eggs while all of my friends were enjoying steak and potatoes and this amazing looking cheesecake. mom said i was "a pale shade of green and kinda scary looking" upon my arrival. i was in bed by 9:30, before even jack was asleep.

i mean, COME ON!??!?!?! what a huge disappointment. just another little glaring testament of how life does not always go as planned. if anyone loves a party, its me. even in my pregnant state i can usually rally because, while not always the life of the party, i certainly feel more alive at a party. the company of my friends, the musings of the evening and the break from reality are always welcome in my world.

*big, heavy sigh*

on a positive note, our party sold for $350 dollars and was purchased by someone i really love, so it will be a joy to put it on when the time comes. AND, your father had the smarts to continue circling my prey at the silent auction and brought this little beauty, cuff bracelet home to momma!

(a side note to my disappointment this week, i ruined my favorite sweater on wednesday and i am still mourning its loss.)

and now, i feel obligated to rally in this blog posting, because one of my friends told me last night she enjoys my blog because it has "substance and hope." i am going to try to wrap up with a positive spin on all this disappointment, but i am going to do it in a country kinda way. 

dolly parton has been quoted saying, 

"the way i see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

so, i am putting up with the nausea, the constant gagging, the exhaustion. i am missing the party and eating cold scrambled eggs. i am going to bed at 9:30 because my little rainbow will be here in august and all of this week's disappointment will be nothing but a faint memory. 

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  1. I love rainbows, and especially double rainbows!!! Great to read again! Thanks.