Saturday, January 22, 2011

the witching hour

its nearing on 9 pm and i am beat.

i got to thinking in the bathtub how 9 pm is really such the witching hour for me. in my non-pregnant state, its usually the time i get my second wind and start obscure things like laundry, dishes and hot glue projects. and for the better part of a decade (my twenties) it was that time of night where i was ready to go out on the town! now, its the time i hit the bathtub and am ready for bed. its a good time for reflecting on my day and preparing for tomorrow.

today i went to a bridal shower for whitney hawkins-soon-to-be-coats. she is your babysitter and you both love her. she has watched you since jack was about 6 months old. she even says she isn't going to bail on us after the surprise guest arrives and she is all married off. (we will see about that!) it was a really nice shower and warmed my heart to think about a new couple ready to start their lives together. what an exciting time!

after that, i blew you all off for some retail therapy. it was much needed, i might add. i had a hell of a time finding something to wear to the upcoming cattle baron's ball next week. i have some kick ass cowboy boots sent to me on loaner from penny park and had visions of grandeur of how i would look before my waist line started become so much. . . well, grandeur. your sibling to be currently looks like a beer belly. not cute.

so before i go to bed, here are is a list of things i know are true for today:

1. empire waist dresses will always make you look pregnant, even if you aren't pregnant. but if you ARE pregnant, they are pretty handy in the "i will take it because it fits" department.

2. when nothing else fits, buy yourself a pair of shoes. you can always find those in your size. (fun jewelry will work here too) (or buy yourself both, just don't tell daddy!)

3. if given the opportunity, attend all wedding and baby showers. its not only your duty, but your honor, because some day, you will hope that people will return the favor. besides, they make you feel good and renew your faith in life, love and happiness.

4. cigarette smoke mixed with body oil mixed with too much perfume is horrifically disgusting. its one of those scents that makes my nausea go through the roof. i nearly puked on a lady today when i was shopping and frankly, she had it coming. sick.

5. on the nausea note, aveda makes a tea that contains peppermint, licorice, fennel and basil. how any one came up to dry those ingredients and put them in a bag, then place said bag in hot water and drink it, i will never know. however, i am finding that it eases the nausea a bit and that i really LIKE.

6. there are few things in life that a long soak in a hot bathtub and a good nights sleep won't cure- however- morning sickness is not one of them. i repeat, it IS NOT one of them.

7. unexpected phone calls from old friends are always a giggly delight.

8. your daddy is one of the sweetest guys EVER. i honestly can't say that a day goes by that your dad doesn't do something nice for me. frequently, he gets up early to go get us breakfast because he knows i like pastry in the morning, jack likes the cinnamon crunch bagel and vivian can tear up an egg souffle. he always tries to make me feel better, despite the impossibility of that quest right now. he is a really, really good guy. remember that when you are mad at him and i will try to do the same. *wink* jack i hope you grow up to be just like him and vivian i pray that you marry someone just like him.

9. it snows a lot in the winter in missouri. i bought jack a snow shovel this week- i figured if you are going to be out there, you might as well make yourself useful. on that useful note, remind me to teach you how to make a strong martini in about 6 months.

i hope you mow better than shovel.

10. toddlers are much cuter dancers than college students.

11. your grandparents are impossible to surprise.

12. i am spent and that's a wrap. 

"so true funny how it seems
always in time, but never in line for dreams. 
head over heels when toe to toe. 
this is the sound of my soul,
this is the sound. 
i bought a ticket to the world, but now i've come back again.
why do i find it hard to write the next line? 
oh i want the truth to be said.

(this is the best part!)

huh huh huh hu-uh huh
i know this much is true.  
huh huh huh hu-uh huh 
i know this much is true."

spandau ballet

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  1. Jack is SO cute. I hope he is this enthusiastic about chores when he's 16. Please stay 3 forever!