Sunday, January 23, 2011

mike wizowski

mike wizowski: (chanting) i don't know, but it's been said, i love scaring kids in bed!

jack watched monsters inc. last night and concluded that his "door" was in fact, a "door" and there might be a monster coming out to scare him after he went to sleep. luckily for him, daddy conceded and slept on the couch so you could sleep with me. its a nasty habit to let you sleep in my bed, but i have to confess its one of my guilty pleasure to watch you fall asleep.

your breath gets a little slower, a little heavier. your gaze starts to shift into a blank stare at the ceiling. i can look right into your face and you don't even see me. you practically stare through me as the sandman dusts his magic onto your heavy eyelids. its almost as if that thick, beautiful fringe we call your eyelashes becomes to much for your little eyes to bare and they start to flutter. and then finally, all the worries of the day, all the "no's," all the train building and monster truck racing have caught up with you, and your lids slowly close. you look like an angel and i start to think of how much you are a child of God.

and then you start snoring.

which makes you a little less angelic and a little more boy to me! it makes me laugh and love you so much all at the same time.

i know the day will come all too soon, when you aren't afraid of things that i can comfort, so for now, i am happy daddy let's us live in this little bubble of bliss.

it started snowing at 10 pm last night as we were getting ready for bed and didn't stop until about 10 am this morning! one of the three times i got up last night to go to the bathroom (thanks pregnancy bladder) it almost looked like a complete white out. it was so beautiful and peaceful. 

jack asked first thing this morning if he could get on his snow pants and go shovel the sidewalk. that's what i'm talking about! i made you eat breakfast first, though. you needed your strength, we got nearly 8 inches last night. daddy likes to complain about the snow, but secretly, i know its one of his favorite things to play in. after all, he asked for expensive muck boots so he could keep his feet warm while shoveling the drive. he can spend HOURS out there. he is the same way with a water hose in the summer. i think he finds it peaceful- probably because he is away from us and all the chaos. maybe i ought to think about shoveling. . .

you had a ball out there, for about 20 minutes! then your cheeks were so cold it was time to come in. and vivian, poor vivian. too cold for babies and she sadly, has no snow clothes so she got to sit inside and watch you. she kept screaming for you and going to the door and yelling "side! side! side!" its looking like we have snow until august if this keeps up so i am going to try to find her something to wear out this week. i am feeling bad about her little pouty face she makes after looking at you all through the window. 


  1. Angelic child of God that snores indeed! They just get bigger and louder as they grow older, but we keep them in our hearts just like that forever. That precious little pout on Vivian's face makes me remember her grandmother at that age. She was always my charge to keep happy and out of trouble, but the crossed arms and pouty, determined face is unmistakeable YaYa!!

  2. Monster's Inc is one of my all time favorite movies! Was that the first time Jack has seen it?! Crazy! And isn't Daddy so sweet to couch it for master Jack...

    And there will be plenty more snow days for you Viv! And soon there will be someone smaller around that won't get to go outside and you'll be all snow geared up!

  3. You are so eloquent. Forget binding this at the end of the year. I am pretty sure you will be getting a book contract.