Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a groovy kinda love

it dawned on me this afternoon, that there is a possibility that you might think you were raised in the 70's. turns out, being a product of that era and having children now, a sense of nostalgia always floats around in my mind. during lunch we watched an episode of "h.r. puff n stuff" and we always listen to "billy joel" radio on pandora. it pipes out some of the best music ever. so far on the playlist as i have sat here trying to type this out, we have heard journey, chicago, elton john, the beatles and of course, billy himself. jack has become a big fan of "allentown" by billy joel- with the steamy train whistle at the beginning and huffing a puffing of the train throughout. (see, i am no dummy, i know how to trick you into good music! i had you at train!) these are of course, some of the best songs out there, written by some of the best artists of all time. when music was really music- written and performed by the same person! no electronics or voice overs- just the real deal and that's what makes them classics. learn them, know them and you can sing them forever. i promise you nothing makes you feel better than belting out an elton john song, especially tiny dancer.

in addition to our musical escapades, you both are busy playing with the original, or ODB, fisher price little people toys. we have the school house, the bus and the airplane. old lady grandma has my old barn, sesame street and uncle tim's car garage, but she's holding them hostage at her house. they bring back so many fun memories for me and i am glad someone was willing to throw them in a garage sale for us to find. toys should be played with, not stored in an attic or box some place. (remind me of that when i am old and holding on to YOUR toys!)

it's a cold snowy january day, we are expected to get up to 8 inches this evening. yuck. your dad and i have winter birthdays and its just the worst. be thankful we planned to have you in october! its the best month! although all the cupcakes we consumed this year between vivian and jack's birthdays and halloween, were a little obscene. your both contently destroying the house (playing) and do occasional drive bys to the ice machine. vivian screams "ICE! ICE!" and helps herself to a few pieces.

she has also began speaking some native south african language involving syllables, clicks and clacks. for instance, orange is spoken as "oran *click*" we all die with hysteria when she does this. while i know i should correct her, for this week, its just too damn funny so i will allow it. we have been singing the banana splits song- the "tra la la, la la la la" song- another character comedy from the early 70's. its equally as creepy as puff n stuff, but the song is catchy.

my all day morning sickness is at its all time height as we head into week 11. you both are amused with my constant gagging- vivian, in her new native tongue, mocks me with gagging sounds and coughing. its lovely. jack wants me to go to the doctor, so he can get a band-aid and a sucker. the compassion is over flowing between the two of you. its hard to believe in 7 months there will be three of you.

the upside is, i have 6 more months to prepare. 6 more months to find more creepy cartoons from back in the day. 6 more months to hug and kiss on TWO children.

vivian has located a binkie and has pink bunnies ears rubbing her nose; that is a sure sign she is ready for a long winters nap. so am i.

"teach, your children well
their father's hell
did slowly go by
and feed them on your dreams
the one they pick's 
the one you'll know by.
don't you ever ask them why
if they told you, you would die
so just look at them and sigh
and know they love you." 

crosby, stills, nash & young; 1970


  1. Carra!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog and am so glad you're writing it! I can't wait to read more and look forward to every post. : ) Good job!


  2. We have always agreed on music. My grown children and nearly grown grandchildren know the words to nearly every favorite song I have ever known. Some day they will appreciate that!!
    More Fisher Price to come when I find them!! Think they are in Knoxville.