Thursday, December 29, 2011

farewell Roxy Roth

its 10:10 pm on december the 28th. i decided with all the activities christmas weekend, i was going to give the blogging a rest and enjoy the moment. i don't regret that decision but i am finding it difficult to remember what all happened the last few days. every year i am more and more aware of all of the effort and chaos leading up to jesus's birthday and then poof! in the blink of an eye its all over.

i left off with Roxy being in your father's very capable hands and he did another show stopper. when we came down stairs on december 23rd, Roxy was preparing for battle against abbie cadabby. it was pretty incredible, maybe daddy's best one yet.

i believe iron man was the referee for the big event, you know to keep this mythical battles fair and just, its the holidays!

daddy spared no detail in the set up, there was even a "stranger" in the manger!

oooooh, the claw! oooooh, Roxy, take us to your leader!

Roxy was ridin' dirty on smokey, the fire truck. it was to be a battle of epic proportions, but morning came and all the toys returned to being toys and Roxy was frozen in time. jack refused to let anyone move anything but some how vivian snuck in a took abbie. he literally freaked out, fearful his magic would not work on his last night as santa's watchful eye. you can imagine his happiness on christmas eve when he awoke to find this. . .

Roxy suspended from the bathroom light fixture, wrapped in a boa, wearing a white skirt, tied by tulle and holding a tube of lipstick. that naughty elf had written on the mirror with said tube of lipstick. it read:
"jack, vivian and eleanor, 
see you next year! 
merry christmas!
love, Roxy"

but there was a post script at the bottom:

"p.s. i'm a girl!"

who would have thunk it? with a name like Roxy how could he have been a girl? this both baffled and bewildered jack. he was completely dumbfounded that all this time our Roxy had been a girl!

what a sassy broad, that Roxy! fooling us all this time with her mechanical abilities! who says a girl can't change a car battery?

i can honestly say this is one of the more fun family adventures we have been on! it was really nice to team up with your dad and do something fun that kept us in the holiday spirit. but it was also nice to put that damn elf back in the box on christmas eve. 

i got the funniest text message from my aunt candie that read "i will not miss the hustle and bustle of christmas, but i will very much miss Roxy!" she then followed it up with merry christmas, but i had to remark how funny it was that the elf got mentioned before her spreading of christmas cheer! ha ha! this elf has taken on a life of his/her own and we have really had a ball with it. your dad walked in to the hi ho the other night and several of his father's friends enquired about our beloved elf. such a fun gift to share with our friends and family. Roxy was like a small scale santa claus every night, which made him a lot of work but also created a lot of magic around here. as much as i hate to admit it, i will miss her. (if nothing else it gave me motivation and a subject to blog about!) 

and so its time to bid her adieu until next year! in the mean time, we will return to the business-as-usual-elf-on-the-shelf also known as "the wooden spoon in the drawer!"

thank you everyone for coming on this journey with us! happy christmas!

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