Tuesday, December 20, 2011

roxy day something, something

to say that the elf on the shelf momentum has stalled would be a gross understatement. your dad took my turn last night since i bailed him out the previous morning and i think it may have been an after thought placement on his way out the back door. he stuck him on the dancing, singing, annoying snowman from grandma on his way out of the house this morning, i believe.

oh Roxy, we had such high hopes for you but it seems the season has worn these old parents out. i am going to try really hard to have a strong finish. eye of the tiger, baby! but, i'm not making any promises. 

today i experienced my first migraine headache and i can officially say that i can do without ever having one again, as long as i live. i was getting my nails done, when all of the sudden i started not feeling so well. my vision became kinda fuzzy with floaters in the bottom left half of my "vision screen." then nausea. a massive, massive headache that felt something like a vise grip on the right quadrant of my head. i came home, passed my personal assistant in the kitchen, asking if she could stay until randy got home. being the super cool girl that she is, she shuffled the kids off to have a snack and stay on the opposite side of the house. i had to bury my face under the covers to avoid the light and prayed for sleep alleviating pain. 

when i woke up i wasn't sure if i was having a brain aneurysm or what the hell was going on. i checked the web md page, also known as "you've got cancer.com" and had text book symptoms it seemed. it said they could be triggered by lack of sleep (check!) hormonal changes (check!) stress (check!) barometric pressure changes (check!) and i am pretty sure it said something about holidays and family (double check!) i made rothy take you all to holiday park and seek out some excedrin migraine and i am happy to report that i now only feel like half of my head is going to explode. 

in addition to the head exploding situation, i have the daunting task of taking the three of you to get your pictures taken with miss florida tomorrow. its not so much the picture taking part that is daunting, although it can go either way once we get there; its more the trying to throw together three outfits that coordinate and make sure they are all still clean by the time we get there, which is never on time. there will be a meltdown and someone will want to wear a big pink bow instead of a red bow and jack is going to be pissed because his favorite jeans are not clean and eleanor will probably have spit up on her outfit before we even get out of the house. i will look like a homeless person because there will be no time during this frenzy to brush my own hair or find reasonable clothes. most days i relish in the fact i have two out of the three of you dressed and we arrive some place on time. i would high five myself those days if i could. sending my tomorrow self good vibes. 

so now, the side of my brain that isn't pounding and i are going to try to come up with something reasonably clever to do with Roxy. 

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