Thursday, December 22, 2011

the final countdown

okay, we are in the home stretch, thank the Lord. i am seasonally strung out right now, unsure if i am coming or going. i worked this evening and then came home to find my parents here! i wasn't expecting them until much later, so it was a happy surprise. i can't recall where i left off with that damn elf so i will just post some pictures of where he has been the last couple of mornings.

oh yes, he obviously used the bathroom and forgot to flush. i thought you would find it hilarious, but jack told me it was both "disgusting" and "inappropriate." hmm, i wonder where he hears that? i ask you if you thought it smelled like candy canes, which, again, is something that seemed like a good idea, until you stuck your faces in to the toilet bowl to smell. parenting failure number 129 this week.

i am pretty sure it comes in the elf on the shelf handbook that elves must do a sugar snow angel, so who am i to not comply? after all, we have been doing this for almost four weeks and mommy and daddy are fresh out of new ideas. or should i say new appropriate ideas. i have all kinds of naughty ideas but i would like to avoid another visit from division of family services. i kid! i kid! they have not come to our house. . . yet. . .

my brain is so mushy from the overload of holidays sweets and stresses, that while wrapping a present earlier i had to unwrap it just to remember what i had put in the damn box. i shoved things into boxes like i was packing! let's see, super hero underwear and monster trucks! yes, perfect! new leopard print coat and um, those pink house slippers over there. awesome! its going to be a non-theme christmas gift kinda holiday. just be thankful i am not one of those mothers that throws everything in a gift bag and calls it good. at least you have an actual package to unwrap.

two more nights, then the elf gets it. 

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